Bulk Pricing

White Label Link Building Pricing for Agencies and SEO Resellers

How Does Pricing Work?

Agency and SEO reseller pricing are per link or per deliverable. We’ll give you the best pricing possible given your commitment and volume.

Referral partner pricing is percentage-based depending on the type of services sold.


Flat Rate On Site SEO Services

Landing Page Copy
Information Architecture (H1, H2s, H3s) for one page and search optimized copy.
$900 per page
Blog Posts
800 word blog posts, search-optimized with appropriate headers, LSI keywords, and tailored to your client’s business. Delivered on a regular schedule.
$180 per post
Long Form Content
2,000-3,000 word pieces meant to immediately expand the number of keywords a site is ranking for in search. This is the #1 way to get on the map for a keyword cluster prior to link building.
$800 per article
UI/UX Conversion Audit
Identify the 5-10 biggest barriers to conversion on a client’s site, with recommendations and visual examples. Meant to immediately improve conversions.
$600 per report
SEO Audit
Backlink profile, on site technicals, content scoring, and keyword alignment are all overed in this SEO Audit. Get a full understanding of where the site is and what needs to be done to rank - in priority order.
$650 per site
Titles, Tags, & Meta Desc.
Fix the titles, tags, and meta description for a page. We will indentify the best keyword targets for each page, and draft optimized titles, H1s, and meta descriptions.
$8 per page

Variable Cost SEO Services

These services depend heavily on the size of a site, complexity of a site’s tech stack, and preferences of the business owners.
Site Speed Improvements
We’ll fix any site speed issues preventing a site from ranking higher.
PPC & Social Ads
We’ll set up, optimize, and continually improve PPC campaigns & landing pages.
UI/UX and Design
We’ll design site elements, page tempaltes, user journeys, and flows to improve conversions.

Google Analytics & Conversion Tracking

Is your business not getting the credit it deserves because your clients haven’t correctly set up their conversion tracking? We can help.
Google Analytics Setup
Location-focused content, location-focused links, build out your client’s local link signals.
Custom Pixel Tracking
Ensure each location has clean local citations across dozens of local business and increase your client’s rankings!

Why Choose White Label Link Building by LinkGraph?

Extensive database of the stylistic requirements of every publisher we’ve ever pitched, so our first pitch goes right!
Rapid editing and revision process so we never miss a potential placement opportunity
Our Make It Right Guarantee. If there’s ever an issue, we’ll run it down and make it right. Everytime.
  • 98% Agency Partner Retention
  • Thousands of Placements Monthly
  • 50+ Person Editorial Team
  • Dedicated Outreach Specialists
  • Clear, consistent, timely communication
  • Proactive reporting
  • API access for clients over $30k/month